Military can help you make the first step towards a rewarding career in the armed forces. Our guides are written by currently serving officers, soldiers and recruitment officers from all branches of the British military. A job in the UK Armed Forces offers countless opportunities for learning new skills, meeting new people and exploring the world. The first step is which branch of the armed forces to join.

armed forces psychometric testing

Psychometric tests are used by all branches of the armed forces as a means to determine a candidate's suitability for a job, based on their personality, intelligence, logic, problem solving skills and psychological and emotional responses to problems. They are an important tool in assessing potential recruits and determining which careers will be suitable for them should they pass. Although difficult to prepare for due to their nature, like any test, practice and an understanding of how they work will significantly increase your chances of being successful. Our psychometric testing package will provide you invaluable advice and practice in passing your armed forces psychometric tests.


Join the Royal Air Force


The Royal Air Force was formed on the 1st April 1918 and has provided a significant portion of the UK's military strength ever since. The RAF currently has 42,000 active personnel and over 800 aircraft. Most of the the RAF's troops and aircraft are stationed in the UK with contingents on operations in Iraq, the middle east, the Balkans and Afghanistan. There are also bases in operation in France, Qatar, the Falkland Islands and Germany. Jobs in the RAF could be as varied as RAF Police, Military Intelligence, Engineers, Flight Controllers, Medical Officers, Legal advisors and front line RAF Regiment soldiers. The opportunities for specialist training and education are vast and there are many post service career paths you can follow. 


Join the Royal Navy


The Royal Navy is the oldest established branch of the British Armed Forces and is therefore known as the Senior Service. For most of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries it was the largest Navy in the world and is still a considerable global force. During the second world war the Navy operated almost 900 ships, and there are currently 90 commissioned vessels in the fleet including Mine Sweepers, Patrol Boats, Nuclear Submarines and Aircraft Carriers. The Royal Navy is part of the Navy Service which also includes the Royal Navy Reserve, the Fleet Air Arm, the Royal Marines, The Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Royal Marine Reserves. There are currently 37,500 serving personnel, 6000 of which are Royal Marines. The modern Royal Navy offer a wide range of jobs and provides a multitude of options for career advancement as well as teaching you skills you can use outside the navy.


Join the British Army


The British Army was formed in 1707 when England and Scotland were unified into the Kingdom of Great Britain. It has approximately 100,000 regular personnel and 26,000 territorial army soldiers. The British army is currently deployed on several missions worldwide both as expeditionary forces and as United Nations peacekeepers. There are currently soldiers serving in Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. For several hundred years the British Army has formed the front line of world leading British military prowess on the global stage. The army uses a range of high tech equipment including 386 Challenger 2 battle tanks, 789 infantry fighting vehicles, 4000 armoured personnel carriers, 15,000 land rovers, 3000 artillery pieces and over 300 aircraft.   

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