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For you to pass the army selection process and get on to training you will have to pass a series of tests called the 'British Army Recruit Battery' or BARB for short. The tests will challenge your reasoning, language and numeracy skills in a variety of way. Our online testing suite is the most effective way to prepare for these tests. With this product you will get access to a wide range of example tests 24 hours a day to help you prepare for the selection process.


British Army



Test Available in our Package:

Check Letters Test 01
Check Letters Test 02  
Check Letters Test 03
Symbol Rotation Test 01
Symbol Rotation Test 02 
Symbol Rotation Test 03   
Distance Number Test 01 
Distance Number Test 02
Reasoning Test 01  
Reasoning Test 02  
Reasoning Test 03
Selecting The Odd One Out Test 01
Selecting The Odd One Out Test 02
Selecting The Odd One Out Test 03
English Language Test 01
Fault Analysis Test  10
Mechanical Comprehension Test 01  
Mechanical Comprehension Test 02  
Numerical Reasoning Test 01 
Numerical Reasoning Test 02  
Numerical Reasoning Test 03 
Numerical Reasoning Test 04  
Numerical Reasoning Test 05 
Numerical Reasoning Test 06  
Numerical Reasoning Test 07 
Numerical Reasoning Test 08 
Numerical Reasoning Test 09
Numerical Reasoning Test 10 
Spatial Reasoning Test 01  
Spatial Reasoning Test 02  
Spatial Reasoning Test 03  
Spatial Reasoning Test 04 
Spatial Reasoning Test 05  
Verbal Reasoning Test 04
Visual Estimation Test 01


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